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Woman addicted to surgery, now has the biggest cheeks

In today's times we are aware of people enhancing their looks, whether it is doing make up or going to the surgeons office.

We know the show Botched and we see what those doctors do to people who are not satisfied with how a certain physical feature looks,so they want to enhance it and look better...but does it get addictive? So many people visit the cosmetic surgeons office for many different reasons,some go more than once people are starting to look ridiculous now,from what we see on social media.

Like Anastasia from Ukraine she continuously get fillers and surgeries to keep up her plump appearance. She loves cosmetic surgeries and isn't shy about it,she has informed her followers that she will be doing more. She believes she looked uglier in her natural look and thinks she now looks way better.... weird but okay.

She feels like she is more beautiful than before,do you agree?

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Anastasia Botched Ukraine


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