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3 Health Issues That Are Causing Your Nail Discoloration

Source: Healthline

All the causes of nail polish, and how to treat each case

 The color of the nails that make the nails look yellow, white or green can be caused by various diseases and skin problems. Fungus in air, dust, and soil accounts for 50% of all nail polish incidence. Although the appearance of your nails may be affected by chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, liver, kidney, heart or lung disease.

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 However, there are some common causes that can cause nail discoloration.

 According to dermatologists, 8 reasons why your nails turn yellow

 1. Fungal infection;

 If you have a fungal infection, it will start to change to a white or yellow spot near the tip of your finger. But as the infection progresses, your nails may become thicker, more brittle, and even worse. What is the solution? Antifungal drugs, both oral and topical, can help relieve and even cure the disease.

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 2. Bacteria in fresh water

 Clean water can cause problems with nails. The bacteria in these waters can make your fingers look like a swampy creature. According to Philly, Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria cause the nails to turn blue-green, which is more common in people who come in contact with clean water. These bacteria thrive in hot and humid conditions, so they can be found widely outdoors and possibly in Jacuzzi.

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 This nail infection is usually not painful, it is swollen and ugly. What is the solution? Going to the doctor for oral or topical antibiotics can help relieve pain and possibly relieve pain.

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 3. Damage to the nail;

 The blood between the nail plate and the nail bed often causes purple nails. This can happen after a nail injury or injury (e.g. washing the door with your hands ...). This problem often goes away over time and with new nail growth, but if you feel very uncomfortable you may need to see a dermatologist to get your nails dry.

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Source: Webmd

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