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Checkout 6 reasons why your eyes are always itching you & how can it be prevented?

Having an itchy eye may be a bothersome experience. You scratch and scratch, but you have to remember to be careful not to touch your eyes while doing so. Your eyes are the most delicate organ in your body, and they should be treated with extreme care at all times.

The fact that you have itchy eyes is something that many people ignore, yet it may lead to severe eye issues if not addressed promptly. Infections, germs, and allergies are all known to produce itchy, watery eyes. The purpose of this post is to provide more information on what causes itchy eyes and provide a few preventative strategies.

What causes irritated eyes in the first place?

1. Applying irritants to your eyes.

The majority of the time, this is caused by the application of cosmetic items around the eyes. This contains mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow, among other things. The eyes are particularly vulnerable to the effects of certain chemicals included in these goods. It is possible that they will get into your eyes and cause discomfort and itching.

2. Strain on the eyes as a result of the use of technological gadgets:

We spend the vast majority of our time interacting with electronic gadgets. Phones, tablets, and computers have all become indispensable tools in both our professional and personal lives. There are several disadvantages to this. Eye strain is caused by staring at your devices for an extended period of time. Your eyes get irritated as a result of this. Eye strain may also cause headaches, and it is very detrimental to your visual acuity.

3. Pink eye:

Pink eye is sometimes referred to as Apollo in certain circles. In accordance with its name, pink eye is a disorder that causes the color of your eyes to become pink or red. Itchy eyes and discharge from the eyes are some of the signs of this condition. Pink eye is very infectious, therefore you should avoid touching your eyes in order to prevent transmitting it to anybody else.

4. The use of contact lenses:

Contact lenses are used for a variety of reasons. In addition to being able to cure eye abnormalities, it may also be used as an accessory. If you use contact lenses for an extended length of time, it is possible that your eyes may get irritated. When you use contact lenses for an extended length of time, you increase your chances of developing dry eye.

5. Dehydration of the eyes:

This disease occurs as a consequence of the eyes' inability to produce enough tears to keep them lubricated and comfortable. Tears are important in lubricating and nourishing the eyes. Dry eyes are prevalent in elderly people. There are many causes of dry eyes. The itching of dry eyes is accompanied by other symptoms such as blurred vision, stinging eyes, a burning feeling in the eyes, and watery eyes.

6. Inflammation of the upper and lower eyelids:

The presence of germs on the skin is the cause of this condition. This disease is referred to as blepharitis in the medical community. On the eyelids and lashes, the bacterium produces a dandruff-like dust that is irritating. In addition to redness and itching, swollen eyes may result from the dust getting into the eyes. It may result in irritated eye tissue, loss of eyelashes, and blurred vision, among other things.

What can be done to avoid it?

Keep your hands away from your eyes if they are filthy.

2. For a lengthy period of time, refrain from using contact lenses.

3. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns about your vision or eyes.

4. Apply prescribed eye drops or artificial tears

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