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5+ photos of plus size model, 5th will amaze you. [Opinion]

Thickleeyonce is a South African model and powerhouse who is additionally a picture taker, larger size blogger, and model, just as the fellow benefactor of Leebex with Rebecca Garande (Leebex was framed by Rebecca Garande and Lesego Legobane also known as Thickleeyonce in 2016). As a notorious hefty size ladies' design organization, we represent style ahead, on-pattern garments at a reasonable value.) Leebex is committed to women who partake in their bends. 

Rebecca Garande and Lesego Legobane also known as Thickleeyonce set up LEEBEX in 2016. LEEBEX BOUTIQUE is another store idea that obliges hefty size women, all things considered. It started as an internet based store, however because of our image's fast development and prominence, we had the option to open an actual area in Melville, Johannesburg. LEEBEX is a larger size ladies' design organization that represents stylish, on-pattern garments at a reasonable cost. 

Still up in the air to make a space for larger size ladies where they feel good in their own bodies and furthermore dress in delightful attire like slimmer ladies. Realizing how the style business oppresses ladies of greater sizes, and furthermore making clothing that larger size ladies have no admittance to, She proceeded to make popular attire for ladies of greater sizes so they would not be forgotten about too with regards to style. furthermore, has a store that is explicitly for wonderful larger size ladies. 

What's more, the mission of the store is to 

be referred to and trusted as the larger size fit and design authority, motivating ladies to cherish their bodies while helping them in feeling and putting their best self forward. 

The LeeBex Brand spurs, draws in, and engages full-figured ladies to make every second count by perceiving that excellence has no limits. 

Leabex clothing is wonderful and thickleyonce is regularly seen wearing it, and it shows that since ladies have bends and have greater bodies doesn't mean they can't wear similar apparel as slimmer ladies do.

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