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Traditional dresses that are perfect for every occasion

The modern traditional dresses are not the same as the traditional dresses of yesteryears. The alterations that designers made are very impressive. The modern traditional dresses can no longer be worn on Heritage Days only. Traditional attires were mostly worn at weddings and other special occasions, but these days people can wear them on any given day.

Most people were in a very good mood last week. They celebrated Heritage Day in a very special way. Both men and women were in their traditional attires and they were looking dazzlingly beautiful.

The thing about traditional attires is that they play an important symbolic role in the preservation of national values and cultural heritage.

Wearing traditional clothes is not just to show off. It is important because it shows how you value your cultural traditions. People are so proud of their cultures. That became visible on 24 September 2021. I wish everyday was Heritage Day. I cannot get enough of the beauty that I saw on that day.

Africans are more westernised nowadays. They abandoned their African traditions. This is the reason why ancestors even turned their backs on them. It is pleasing to see others still showing how proud they are of their cultures and where they come from.

The older people are so affectionate towards young people who wear traditional attires. The relatives-in-law too like to praise their sons and daughters in-law for wearing traditional clothes.

Most people who often wear traditional attires know where they really come from. It is easy to identify whether a person is originally from a Shangaan, Tswana, Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Venda or Khoi cultural roots by the traditional attires they wear. It is important for people to know their African roots.

Nowadays traditional dresses are in accordance with current social fashions. Anyone can wear them when going to work, church, clubs or party celebrations and still fit-in very well.

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