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How To Whiten Your Teeth With Home Remedies

In this mini guide we'll be giving few tips and tricks on how to whiten your teeth with what you have at home for a brighter smile

▪Discolored teeth are caused by foods,drinks and lifestyle habits

What type of foods/drinks cause discoloration?

•Starchy foods such as potatoes



•Dark sodas

•Dark chocolates

▪excessive smoking can lead to discolored teeth

▪Poor dental hygiene can contribute to discolored teeth

How can i whiten my teeth?

-If you're aiming for whiter and sparkling teeth,You need to cut back on your sugar intake.When you consume a sugary food be sure to brush your teeth immediately after

•Brush your teeth with powdered charcoal

•Brush at least twice a day

•Use baking soda or toothpaste containing baking soda.Baking soda has natural whitening properties and prevents bacteria from growing in your mouth

•Rinse the mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide solution everyday.hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that also eliminates bacteria in your mouth

▪Trick:Rub orange peels on your teeth.Rubbing with fruit peels such as orange or lemon can whiten your teeth

•Consume enough fruits and vegetables with a higher water content

-Avoid using Apple cider vinegar solution.The acetic acid in vinegar may weaken dental enamel and promote tooth decay.

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