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Makhadzi ridiculed for dark inner thighs. See comments.

People will definitely talk,wether you do good, better or bad!

This has to be my favorite comment made by a fan on the post.

MAkhadzi is yet again ridiculed and dragged through the middle something natural and unnecessary. She was doing what she does best and it seems a lousy person took a picture at the wrong time.

Dark inner thighs are a natural part of life that affects almost everyone! Discoloration is an unfortunate reality for almost everyone. This was her very first performance out of the country,Malawi was the stop and boy did she deliver!

Girl is making money while another decides to shoot her down all because of this picture. Posting it all for the purpose of dragging her name down through the mud.

Here are a few comments made on Facebook.What more are we going to say about this double platinum carrier? Please leave a few comments and likes belpwz

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Makhadzi Malawi


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