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Here's How To Spot A Fake Sneaker Brand

When a brand is called faked or put in the fake category is when the brand or object is unoriginal, counterfeit or fabricated, we living in a world of very fake people, fake brands and even fake news

You might have been online or walked into a store and got intrigued by let's say a shoe or sneaker that you happen to think its the original brand whilst its not, looks can be very deceiving

There's a lot of fake sneakers in the world or you might even own one without knowing because it looks exactly like the original brand, you might have saved for ages to get your sneakers or maybe your a collector of sneakers, sneakers or should I say "kicks" give you life

We live in a world were people tend to steal designs or even names to make their own work or counterfeit of that brand, there can be a sneaker set to be launched in September, and you might see the sneaker already being sold in some markets

I'm going to help you track your sneakers to see if they are fake or original, first every sneaker design has a unique coke on the inside

Example here are Nikes/Jordans before purchasing the sneakers look at the thumb of the shoe, it has a code , take that code and enter it to your google search

After searching you will see the exact sneaker brand, sneaker design and sneaker colour , if it does not give you the exact image of your sneaker then your being sold a fake

Best you do this code check every time you purchase a sneaker brand , especially the one that is costly because the markets that sell fake sneaker brands sell the shoe in the exact same price of the original sneaker brand

Fake brands are not always the best quality , you can spend thousands on a sneaker that won't last even a year, your hard earned money gone to waste, be careful

Content created and supplied by: MaganeM (via Opera News )

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