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Slay This Season: Check Out 20 Fashionable Xhosa Traditional Attires and Dresses for Elegant Ladies

South Africa's Xhosa people have a rich culture that is distinguished by traditional body wraps and jewelry. Their dress is an important aspect of their culture, and it has been passed down through centuries. Xhosa clothing, like other well-known African patterns such as Ankara and Kitenge, has a vast history that extends back to pre-colonial times. The gorgeous beads, which are usually small and circular in shape, enrich the ensembles even more. These beads are composed of bone, metal, glass, wood, brass, and other materials. The following are some of the most remarkable traditional Xhosa women's clothing.

20 Fashionable Xhosa Traditional Attire and Dresses for Elegant Ladies in 20212021

Some Modern Xhosa Traditional Attires and Dresses Ladies Can Choose From

The market for traditional Xhosa garments grew in 2017, and 2018 witnessed even better designs. Anyone looking for traditional Xhosa attire found it very impossible to acquire exquisite and modern Xhosa clothing.

The Xhosa clothes list below will provide you ideas for your next seamstress appointment.

Fish-cut skirt

This top-leg skirt is white.

The skirt's lower half now contains black stripes. A white fabric through the skirt's middle connects the flare's end. The younger women seem mostly nice and straightforward. This basic skirt pattern uses little fabric.

Two-Piece Xhosa Cloth

Off-shoulder styles are great. The style and pattern can be changed. The upper half of this dress spans from one shoulder to the waist, as illustrated. The flared pants offer a beautiful knee-to-knee twist.

Skirt Umbhaco

Umbhaco is a popular Xhosa skirt. Umbhaco's skirt is comprised of comfy, high-quality African materials. The Xhosa have white or scarlet skin. A rough earthy tone with ocher is possible.

Once torn, the fabric becomes a skirt.

Sew the three sections into a set. When the skirt is finished, the women add dots to the prescribed designs for a socially acceptable aesthetic.

High-waisted skirt

Xhosa skirts are high-waisted. A shorter tail and a continuous hump as the skirt reaches the thigh give this costume a cone form. A lady secures her skirt with cloves in the waistband.

Blue lines are stitched around the skirt to cut the earthy tone, and white dots make it attractive.

5. Strapless orange wrap-round

A woman's lower body is covered in orange to make this skirt. Simple idea, amazing outcomes. The woman wears a dot belt around her stomach to complete the image, and the skirt has a dark line across the lower part to enhance it.

6. Black and white Xhosa-inspired skirt

The black-and-white jacket is old-fashioned but modern.

wind. Xhosa clothes. Dark lines wrap around the skirt to attract emphasis to the lower section. Black stripes of various forms and widths are more fascinating. They merely enhance the eye appeal.

7. Blue-and-red-layered fabric

20 Elegant Xhosa Traditional Dresses and Attire

This traditional attraction says 'Xhosa' Head wrap to knee. This dress's excellent design makes women look beautiful at events. The simplicity of this combination adds to its appeal. The towel is beaded like other Xhosa clothing.

Females wear globules and a local tissue across their shoulders. She finishes by incorporating traditional fashion features into her class's blue cloth and multicolor line drawings.

Blue Xhosa dress

As fashion designers modify materials creatively, seeking inspiration for optimal apparel has become a survival concern. This blue outfit is inspired by white Xhosa clothes.

Dress has tummy-baring top and knee-length tail. Black and white plissed cloth adorns the base. Some have off-shoulder pockets and maxi designs.

9. Maxi dress with headwrap

This place is beautiful. Try it if you like yellow. Women favor yellow robes. Some folks can create a wonderful aesthetic with vibrant yellow elements. It can also be worn as a skirt or other contemporary ways. This appeal often includes a headwrap.


In Xhosa, a newlywed's relatives present her an Idaki. With an uxakatha (thick scarf) around her waist, the makoti marries in the idaki.

The bride may be forced to wear Makoti for 3-12 months. Some wear it until they conceive. In certain families, a married lady can never wear pants again.

Off-shoulder dress

Off-shoulder clothes don't conceal the shoulders. This outfit is formal and casual. Black lines across the hands and legs indicate the Xhosa color.

Pink Maxi Dress with Gorget

Seasonally, wear this sleeveless pink maxi dress with or without a gorges. It was built to rise.

Sub-waist, midsection. Blue lines of varying thickness form the dress's base.

13. Sleeveless bareback

The back of this sleeveless dress opens to reveal a bra.

Because the lower body is hidden, just the feet are shown. This dress is ideal for being exact while displaying skin.

Elegant Xhosa wedding gowns

Traditional Xhosa weddings are amazing. The bride's stunning bridal gown is one of the day's highlights. They're cute and colorful. Some have been implemented.

14. Dress with red tartan blanket

White wedding dress with exquisite shading

coordination. Knee-length dress hugs women from start to finish.

Finally, hide her body from curious eyes and intimidate fans.

The garment is covered in a red plaid cover. Plaid is folded over a woman's shoulder. Women wear a red beret instead of a headwrap to show respect for the elderly. Rather than the usual globules on the texture, this dress' beading is concentrated on the lady's neck.

15. White Mermaid Dress

Beautiful strapless junior gown. The African dress code calls for loose-fitting, body-covering garments. Dress shifts from knee to lower leg. Wear it with an Ithumbu neck bead made of contrasting cotton that spans the entire collar. White and black lines form a siren shape from knee to knee.

Xhosa Outfits

Despite its complexity, Xhosa attire is lovely and patterned. Men's clothing is influenced by their social standing, whereas women's dress and accessories indicate different stages of life.

Xhosa clothing has advanced in styles, patterns, and other aspects. Traditional Xhosa wedding attire hasn't changed.

The people are recognized for their red ocher garments and bodies and pioneering perforation techniques, designs, and patterns.

key items of xhosa


Printed or embroidered aprons

Ithumbu necklaces are elaborate.

Beaded anklets

Married women traditionally wear the iqhiya or headscarf.

Wrapped capes or blankets are embroidered.

Men's animal skin

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