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G-strings: Here are 3 surprising risks of wearing them regularly

People have strong opinions about what style, cut, fabric, etc. is best for them, and some think that no underwear is the best choice.


There are some weird side effects of wearing thongs or thongs all the time, especially if your choice of underwear is good, you really need to know better.

Some people find the underwear to be the worst, while others choose it for comfort or beauty. There are always some risks associated with wearing thongs, but anyone who chooses to wear thongs need not worry about any health risks.

Not just when to wear a thong, but many other factors can affect the results of wearing a thong. Material, how the thong is made, size and fit, etc. are some of the things you need to consider when working with underwear.

Here are some of the problems wearing a thong can cause you.

Womanhood infections

Wearing thongs on a regular basis can lead to health problems. Health problems begin with urinary tract and female infections. Tweezers can irritate and burn areas near Berthodi's gland, which produces sebum during sèx. It is believed that if the ducts leading to the gland become blocked, a man may develop a cyst in the vicinity of the womanhood. In short, thongs irritate women and there is no airspace, which clearly shows that thongs are dangerous.

Yeast infection

According to one study, thongs may increase the risk of yeast infections because tight underwear produces more moisture. Vàgisil, a drug used to treat yeast infections, confirmed that thongs should not be used as they can cause yeast infections.

There is a reaction

Here are some of the consequences of wearing a thong: skin irritation, irritation and infection. May cause skin irritation when rubbed against skin. It can be painful and severely painful if not recognized early.

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