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Skin Care

You Don't Need Plastic Surgery Or Bleaching, The Healthy Way To Maintaining Your Shape And Beauty

Women all over the world have turned to plastic surgery as a substitute to a good old workout. This has led to most of our beautiful women looking strange and artificial, I keep asking myself why they don't just use fruits and workout. The Earth has provided everything that you need to maintain your body. A woman is very fussy when it comes to her overall appearance, her skin is the biggest worry that always hits her mind. Vitamin c and citrus are the minerals that your skin needs to thrive and even Lighten. If you eat enough oranges and naartjies your skin will Lighten up and you won't need to bleach your skin. Create your own workout routine that you can do whenever you have time at home,. Set a goal, tell yourself that "I want to do 100 push-ups today. It does not matter how long you take to complete them, do them in sets of 10 or 20 depending on your energy. As long as you performed a 100 push ups that day, you achieved something. Sit ups help with shaping your waist and flattening your stomach. These exercises help a woman with her confidence as well. When she sees improvements it increases her confidence when she's in public. Once you obtain your intended shape don't stop exercising. Make sure that you do 20 push ups and sit ups a day to maintain that shape. Once you have the intended shape we don't want you to lose it again. Let's Health ourselves.

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