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The Most Suprising Barber Who Cut Off Hair Using An Axe

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Kiambu-based barber in Kenya is attracting curious people keen on witnessing him shaving with an axe. The creative barber Julius Mwangi took up the axe three months ago to attract more clients, and it worked. Social media users were split over his methods, with some lauding his marketing strategy and style.

A barber from Kiambu is making headlines by shaving clients' hairs using an unorthodox tool. Julius Mwangi uses an axe to shave hair at the Clippers Kings barbershop.

Mwangi has been a stylist beginning around 2014 however began utilizing a hatchet to shave hair at his Clippers Kings barbershop three months prior.

In the same way as other different hair specialists, Mwangi needed to think of a plan to separate his business from the opposition.

Thus in the wake of seeing a man shave with a hatchet, he chose to get the wood-cleaving instrument and he has since not thought twice about it as he is drawing in new customers who are interested with regards to his expertise.

Mwangi keeps up with that a hatchet is great for shaving "Jordan", where one shaves their hair. He said with the wood-slashing device, he wouldn't need to stress over blackouts as he can in any case work if there is power.

Tomahawks are not only for cutting wood as a hairstylist in Kenya appears to have no concerns utilizing them as devices for his business. Julius Mwangi, who possesses a barbershop in Thindigua, Kiambu district, is causing ripple effects for his odd haircutting abilities generally roused by old anecdotes concerning how tough men used to shave their stubbles.

It is really exciting to see just how far people are willing to go when it comes to creativity in order to survive or make a living.

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