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Skin Care

Other uses of Castor Oil you won't regret knowing

You don't have to spend thousands of rands on face and hair products . These products are really expensive and at some point some of them might be insensitive on your face , causing you to change to try another one . Also using different products isn't good for your skin , as you might experience skin problems such as rash .

Here's to why ladies should have it . Here's to why ladies should keep Castor Oil , any brand . If you have thighs that are dark in between , apply castor oil after every bath on the dark area inbetween your thighs . That dark area is caused by thighs rubbing together and castor oil removes that .

Apply castor oil on your hair , mix castor oil with water in a spray bottle and use it as your spray for hair growth , moist scalp and thick hair .

Apply castor oil on your face every night as a moisturizer . It heals sunburns , removes blemishes , reduces aging and gives you thick lashes . Also apply it on your body to fade scars , stretch marks and acne . Don't mind the smell , it's all worth it at the end . Your skin deserve a natural glow . You have no excuse for looking great , take care of yourself and it will give you good years of your life .

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Castor Oil


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