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African Models Really Are The Prettiest: See Photos Of Some Of Our Top Picks That Will Amaze You

How are you doing, guys? I hope you're having a good day, because I'm enjoying one myself. So, here's the agenda for the day, as usual I will surprise you with a lovely model.

Is it something you're perhaps looking forward to? I apologize for the decline in the amount of models I show you on a daily basis; however, I vow to be back in full force from now on, and I hope you're prepared to receive a lot.

I aim to make today fun do we will be working towards your preference; which do you prefer: chubby white gals or chubby black ladies? My preference of course is thick black ladies, although thick white ladies are also beautiful and amazing in their own ways, black will always be my color. But needless to say, they're all gorgeous, regardless of color and shape.

I'm about to show you some lovely queens. I am confident that you will fall in love with them.

I've put together a gallery of their photos to demonstrate that they're beautiful and we calling them Queens is no exaggeration.

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