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How You Can Choose The Best Handbag That Suits Your Every Day Wear

How do you choose the best bag for your daily use? This is a question you can ask yourself when you go shopping.

Yes, now you have to decide whether you want genuine leather or faux leather, but you need to carefully weigh your options.

Many people are now opposed to wearing real leather as it is made from animal skin used to produce a fashion garment, bag or shoe, but they become expensive in fashion stores due to the high cost of producing the bags.

Think about your life and how your bag will be treated. For example, if you're driving to work, you won't be walking far carrying your bag, so it doesn't have to be lightweight.

But if you're walking or using public transport, make sure you buy a handbag that's comfortable to carry and has a sturdy clasp to prevent people from plunging into it on a crowded commuter train or station platform!

Also take note of the kind of dress you want to put on, you can't wear a red dress and use lemon green bag, it is totally offkey, when you know the dress you would wear, you can then find out the best colour for it.

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