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The funny Chef's face turns grey in a hilarious video that warns about skin lightening creams.

The funny Chef is a South African comedian based in Pretoria. She is a Chef, master of ceremonies, philanthropist, brand ambassador and a presenter.

She is well known for making people burst with laughter until their tummies hurt. In a recent video she gives a satirical warning on the dangers of using skin bleaching creams.

In South Africa it is easy to find skin bleaching creams. They are sold like hot cakes in Bree street taxi ranks, at my friend shops and along side the informal traders in busy intersections. These creams are very affordable as they can be sold for R32 only.

These creams they are known to make one to be a yellow bone. A yellow bone is a colloquial term used to describe someone who is light in complexion.

It is regrettable that many will bend backwards and apply all sorts of creams to their face in order to achieve a lighter skin shade so that they can be appealing and attract a lot of suitors. Some would even wrestle a lion if needs be in order to achieve eurocentric beauty standards.

This unfortunately ends in tears of sorrow because of the harmful effects of these creams. They have dangerous chemicals including hydroquinone which causes the skin to loose it's melanin and to have dark patches on the cheeks known as" dichubaba."

The funny Chef uses her brand to bring change and inspire others to glow in their own natural skin tone.

She takes a 3 day video on the start of using the cream and the final day 3 video her skin has turned grey and is falling off. She can not walk in the sun and is not content with the product.

This video has had 26 000 reactions and more than 2 600 comments.

Here is a link to the hilarious video

The video teaches one to take pride in their own skin colour and not bleach their skin or use skin lightening creams.

Have you tried any of the skin lightening creams?

How did it treat your skin?

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