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Skeem Saam: Koloi's life is about to change as he wins the competition

Will he win he competition?


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Koloi's presentation went all very well and all the viewers are very happy that he has every good chance to win the House of Bling competition. Koloi used Kele as his inspiration to do a crown for Miss Capricorn.

Koloi has proven to many that wven if you come from a disadvantaged background family you can still make it out there if you use your talent wisely and he did just that. His support from his uncle got him all the confidence he needed to his work perfectly in front of the judges.

Viwers are hoping to see the crown designed by Koloi and see him win will be a cherry on top. Jewellery design is a very good course which requires one to be creative all the time and explore new this and opportunities around the world

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Skeem Saam


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