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Style ideas for our daughters

Style ideas for our beautiful daughters.

It is said that when a woman's first child is a girl then it means God wanted that woman to have a best friend. A best friend that would make her understand the meaning of true friendship. When a man's first child is a girl then God wanted him to know what it feels like to love a woman.

Daughters are special beings that are sent by the heavens to us to make us fall in love with pink, teddies, dolls and girl bands. If you have a daughter then you're blessed.

Here are some daughter outfit ideas for inspiration.

What I've noticed about these clothes is how sophisticated they look and how they stand from the crowd. Normally a girl child would be given a pink dress with a character logo or some leggings or a t-shirt.

Oprah Winfrey once said that children are little people and that's exactly how they should be treated... like little people. That sentence in the context of fashion means that we should by them trendy clothes and that way, when mommy, aunt or granny has an outfit then the baby girl will be joyus she also has the outfit.

Another thing I need to point out with these pictures is how their hair is well out together. The hair looks neat, prim and proper.

Also, the accessories of choice including bags and shades give the looks a stamp of ultimate style.

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