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Check out this 63 years old woman who looks younger and unbelievable that she is 63

I believe that all women are beautiful, regardless of their age, size, or shape. It's a beautiful thing that we're all so unique.

Having always been on the heavier side, I never felt like I belonged growing up. I'd be the target of a lot of jibes, and those remarks would sting! I didn't tell the kids that made fun of me that I was coming home and being told by my violent father that I was unattractive and worthless, which further fueled my feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness. It wasn't until the end of my eighth school year that I started thinking about how to fit in, and freshman year was the first time I decided to purge. What began as a single incident of bingeing and purging turned into an Eating disorder very quickly.

Beauty is more than skin deep, and I've learnt this through my recuperation. Our talents, gifts, hearts, love, kindness, and everything else we do that contributes to beauty is what makes us beautiful. The world is a better place because of the uniqueness and diversity of women. I believe every woman is lovely, regardless of how far she deviates from what society considers beautiful. We must all learn to accept and love one another for who we are.


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