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I added salt to my toothpaste before brushing -What happened blew my mind

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Brushing our teeth has become an integral part of our daily activities. Everyone washes their teeth to keep them sparkling and to aid in the fight against decay, plaque, and bad breath.

I've suffered toothache for the last month following a cavity and filling a few weeks ago. I attempted to alleviate the discomfort several times but was unsuccessful. I attended the dentist multiple times yet the pain persisted. The only horrible alternative left was for me to get my tooth extracted.

I began scouring the internet for home cures to alleviate my toothache and came upon something that would become my reason to grin once again.

It advised me to simply add salt to my toothpaste before brushing my teeth. I wasn't sure at first, but then I thought, What's the harm in giving it a try?

Later that evening, I gave it a try. Spread my toothpaste on the brush, added a pinch of salt, and softly brushed my teeth. I quickly fell asleep following that.

I attempted again the following morning and continued for a week. What amazed me was that after only a week of use, the pain in my tooth had significantly decreased in comparison to when I began taking it. I couldn't stop smiling throughout the day.

Additionally, I noticed how much whiter my teeth had become. I've finally tracked down my problem solver. I continued and the pain subsided in less than two months.

I returned to the dentist, and he was astounded at how healthy my teeth had become. I shared what I did with him, and he has begun urging others to do the same.

Someone else may be experiencing the same discomfort, I reasoned, so why not share this with everyone in hopes of assisting someone else, as toothache is really unpleasant and no one wants to go through it.

Have you ever encountered one?

Leave a comment about your experience and how you dealt with it.

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