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People with large or bigger body parts

Your body is really freaking awesome. It can propel you through a tough workout, grow another human, and look straight up sexy in a swimsuit. It's also capable of setting mind-boggling world records, as these 10 incredible people's bodies have done. Behold, the coolest world records, brought to you by the human body.

The Longest Female Legs

SvetlanaPankratova from Russia has legs measuring 51 inches (that's 4.25 feet) long. While it's probably pretty awesome to have legs the size of a 7 year old, that's a lot of shaving. Just sayin'.

The Longest Nose on a Living Person

The nose that measures 3.46 inches from bridge to tip is on the face of Mehmet Ozyurek from Turkey. We wonder if this large schnoz comes with a superior sense of smell.

The Stretchiest Skin

A rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome helped Garry Turner from the U.K. become famous for his skin—which stretches 6.25 inches away from his body. The disorder affects his skin's collagen, which is responsible for elasticity, making his skin loose and crazy stretchy. Check it out for yourself.

The Hairiest Teenager

Five years ago, Supatra Sasuphan from Thailand landed a spot in the record book for her fuzzy skin. Though it probably isn't easy dealing with all of that hair, Supatra tells the Guinness World Records that she doesn't feel any different than anyone else and has a ton of friends at school. "Being hairy makes me special," she says. You go, girl.

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