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Chinese turning to black beauty. Embracing Her Lost Identity

A chinese lady on YouTube is showing the world that she has African blood. Evendo the lady who called herself a Wakanda Queen is being rebuked for turning herself into being black as part of her beauty modeling. Speculation from people says that she is showing discrimination towards the black people. But how because Chinese are originally black. Their changes was affected by staying in cold regions. Their great grandfather Ham is the father of black people. Before Chinese move to Asia they were black. Even in some parts of China have black Chinese the same as black Indians.

Since black was classified as being evil by racists this resulted in black Chinese being hidden from the media. What the lady is doing is great because she knows her true identity. A Chinese influencer, Suzy Z who calls herself the “Wakanda Queen” has been criticized for a viral video she made, wearing blackface and teaching her followers how to darken their skin. The video which was viewed by millions of people saw the influencer using a combination of products to turn her Asian skin to a totally dark one.

Suzy who does lots of videos on Bilibili, a Chinese equivalent of Youtube referred to this particular video making rounds as part of her global series, serving a much wider network. During the tutorial, she said “this is Suzy aka Wakanda Queen.”

“Wakanda beauty bloggers settled in Station B (Bilibili)? Can you see me? It’s me who is the darkest on the whole network.” Suzy wrote as caption for her video on the Chinese platform where she has over a million followers and also on Youtube.

I love Suzy for doing this our beloved sister here they bleach themselves to be lighter. No one rebuke them. Let us here comments from Facebook.

Mohammed Aslam

She is beautiful regardless of any colour, All colours are beautiful.Our centuries old prejudices have made us norrow- minded.

Morgibo Harzo

True wakanda queen. She loves being Black same as most Afrikan women and some men love being white by bleaching their skins. It's her choice, she knows the Power of Melanin.

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