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African tribe that offers Adultery to their guests trends on Twitter (Full Story)

The Himba people are a nomadic group that numbers at around 50,000 individuals. They call the northern region of Namibia their home. The vast majority of the population is involved in livestock farming, and both their money and their standard of prosperity are cattle. 

The hot, semiarid temperature of this tribe's country is ingrained in its culture, and as a result, both women and men in this tribe are accustomed to dressing in their traditional garb, which typically consists of very few garments or even none at all. 

The Himba people are renowned for their use of a substance known as Otjize, which is a paste for both their skin and their hair. Otjize is typically crafted from a combination of butterfat and ochre pigment, and it is applied to the Himba people's skin to give it a ruddy, muddy appearance. They believe that the mixture cleanses their skin, particularly during water skarcity, and that it also protects the skin against insect bites and the sun. This occurs especially during water skarcity. 

The North Namibians have a reputation for being a polygamous people, with the belief that men should be allowed to have as many women as they can. The people of this tribe continue to practice this custom, even though the legislation in Namibia prohibits the marriage of minors, as girls as young as ten years old are married off to much older men. 

It would appear that it is the role of a father to assist in the search for a suitable spouse for his daughters; but, women are not permitted to exercise such privileges. When a girl reaches the age of puberty, her father will arrange a marriage for her. It is not within her rights as a wife to challenge the decisions that her husband makes. She is under his absolute command at all times. 

The practice of trading wives has been common practice among them for hundreds of years. The norms of this culture dictate that a husband must consent to his wife sleeping with any male guest who stays the night in their home, even if the guest is not related to either of them. The wife has decided that the husband needs to spend the night in a different room.

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