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Here's The Latest On That Fake Nike Airforce Guy (read this)

Looking at various social media platforms over the past 48 hours or so the Nike airforce sneakers has been trending have you noticed that and asked why are they trending in the first place since they not some new sneakers they have been around for years, 

well here's what has happened there a video making waves wereby a man was identified and called out for wearing a fake air force at the groove, Refer to the link attached below to see the video of how bad the guy was slammed in front of people for wearing a fake air force as if he chooses not to afford the so called original one

When what you have just seen on the video in the was seen by a lot of people they had mixed reactions, Refer to the screenshots attached below to see some of those reactions.

So now after all this has been said and the g being made fun of, Some of those with pure genuine hears got touched by this situation and started planning to do this for the guy. Refer to the screenshots attached below.

Looking at this screenshots people are out pledging to buy him sneakers worth over R1500 just to boost his confidence after what he encountered this past weekend, So now looking at this whole idea of people pledging to overspend on him, do you think it's a great move?

I mean look at it this way, We are approaching the festive season now and there are thousands of kids without Christmas clothes, This guy's could have just spent at least R500 on each and have them wearing new clothes like other kids come to 25 Dec instead of spending that much money to a grown man who can make a plan n work for it.What's your take on this entire situation? Please write us some comments in the comments section below, while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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