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Bad news for Drip Footwear Founder

Freddy Lekau Sehoana has impelled extraordinary numerous South Africans with his record of destitution to recently discovered riches. He has opened different stores around South Africa and is regardless, doing some high-profile hotshot joint endeavors anyway encounters obviously run into some trouble. A local money director is mentioning 34% of the shoe brand following a dismissed credit understanding. 

Drip footwear owner Lekau Sehoana has some legitimate trouble 

Freddy Lekau Sehoana has been sued by a Pretoria monetary benefactor, Alfred Mashiya, who is mentioning 34% of the association after he put R45 700 in the business in 2019. 

According to reports, the two met at Menlyn Mall in Pretoria and went into a "arrangement of adventure" credit of R45 700 to pay for 200 arrangements of sneakers that had viably been created and were fit to be sold. 

The money was to be reimbursed close by R18 000 premium by December 2019 and Sehoana was moreover expected to pay Mashiya R100 from each pair of the underlying 5000 shoes that were sold. 

Sunday World reports that Sehoana agreed to give Mashiya 5% of the association offers should the portion be 24 hours late and a short time later an additional a 1% for reliably the portion was conceded. According to Mashiya, he was not paid the R100 from the 5000 sneakers and is as of now qualified for shares in the business. 

"Thinking about the break and as indicated by the arrangement, I'm equipped for 34% of Drip not set in stone from the first of August 2020, being the date of the break until the day of the fourth day of September 2020, being the date which I helped my attorney to execute a letter important to have the ensuing respondent issue the mentioned parts of the association into my name, the premium which the second responded ignored." 

Sehoana shares his response 

Sehoana certified that he was given the papers and that he gained the money from Mashiya. In any case, he stays aware of that he had reimbursed the development and the R18 000 interest before December 31 2019 anyway couldn't give Mashiya R100 for the underlying 5000 arrangements considering Covid-19 and unexpected expenses. 

In like manner as shown by Sehoana, he and Mashiya agreed on different arrangement terms and picked him paying Mashiya R200 000 in July 2020 and R300 000 in November 2020. 

Sehoana said he then, paid just R100 000 because the shoe bargains had not made R500 000 yet he made the whole portion after he got a letter of interest from Mashiya's lawyers. 

Regardless making the phenomenal portion, Mashiya is at this point mentioning 34% of the association, Sehoana says.

Eish! Drip footwear founder Lekau Sehoana sued for 34% of his business (

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