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Check What Mzansi Had To Say After It Was Announced That This Lady Is Starting A SkinCare Brand.

Date || 16 November 2021

Source || Instagram


Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone has a business of their own. This actually quite good considering the economy that we currently live in. It's hard to find jobs and, therefore, a lot of people end up being unemployed and having to depend on the grants that are given by the government.

However, instead of starting different types of businesses, people just keep on doing what others have already done and it all just seems repetitive instead of innovative. Well, this is exactly what the lady I'm going to be talking about is said to be doing soon. Omuhle Gela is a mom, an actress, and a DJ who has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account. On Twitter, it was announced that Omuhle is going to start her own skincare company. This surprised a lot of people and because Omuhle is quite popular, this therefore sparked a big conversation on Twitter.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Instagram 

The conversation was mainly around the fact that Omuhle has been accused of making use of face filters on her photos. So, therefore, it was quite funny for the tweeps that someone who probably doesn't like the way that she looks like, because she makes use of filters every single time, was starting her a whole skincare line. Many people left comments on what they thought about this and most of the comments were pointing to the fact that Omuhle makes use of face filters and, therefore, it feels like she can't do something that revolves around beauty because of this. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter 

Photo credit: Twitter

This reaction is not surprising as a lot of people nowadays like people who are transparent and just honest when it comes to their facial and body features. So, therefore, when someone is not transparent in terms of their facial and body features people, therefore just don't relate with that person at all and don't see the need to support them in whatever way. 

Photo credit: Twitter 

Photo credit: Twitter

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