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Rastafarians Culture, How To Get The Rastafarian Dreadlocks Using Your Own Hair

The Rastafarians are a group of very humble and loving people who accommodate each other. They have a religion of themselves where they worship a man called King Silasi. This is a man who died a very long time ago, this man lived with lions in his compound and they never attacked him. In the countless history books there are places where he was quoted saying those lions where like friends or people to him.The Rastafarians are a race of black people who live in Jamaica and practice their own religion and live according to their own tradition. They grow their hair into Dreadlocks that amaze people from other parts of the world because of how big they get. Most people who have Dreadlocks just go and buy a pack of someone's Dreadlocks which he cut and sold. They pay the hair dresser to connect the Dreadlocks with their own human hair. I know that this is the easy way, but come on man someone else's hair. Just go the Rastafarian route, I'll teach you how to grow perfect Dreadlocks.In order to grow the perfect Dreadlocks, all you need is patience and an iron will. In order for your hair to grow quicker, you need to make sure that it is mangled together. As soon as your hair is long enough to connect together, connect it and turn your hair into one big mound of hair. Then add heat, in order to add a significant amount of heat you need to make sure that your hair is always compressed or hidden under something warm. A beanie is the best thing to use in this case or a bandana. Wrap the bandana around your head so that all your hair is within it and nothing is sticking out. Or just wear a beanie,dont wash your hair because we want your hair to stay fixed together. If you are really a Rastafarian at heart, wear that beanie for 3 whole years. After those three years have passed, you will have a lions mane coming out from your head. Then you can start using products to wash your hair. You will have Rastafarian hair.

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