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Bathu Employees Have Nice Life Problems After Saying that they are not Happy Because of this

Bathu is one of the biggest shoe brands in South Africa, and it has just been going from strength to strength ever since it was founded. It is the rival to another big shoe brand known as Drip and the founders seem to be a bit close and always tell people that they are not rivals and they are not in a competition together.

The founder of the company Theo Baloyi shared a post where one of the company's employees states that they are not happy with the company, and it is not for a bad reason, in fact it is because they say that the company is treating them so well and paying them so well they are even buying cars.

The reason the employees are crying is because they used to use a stuff bus to commute from their homes to work and that they used to enjoy it so much, because they used to have fun with their friends and now since they have cars the commute to work is lonely and quiet. The owner wrote a caption saying that his employees have nice life problems.

He wrote in another post that he started the stuff bus thing because before he started the company he saw how other people, from other companies are suffering with transportation and he didn't want that for his employees.


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