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Skin Care

Why You Should Not Touch These 5 Parts Of Your Body With Your Hands

You can't live without your hands. We use our hands every second to do one thing or another. There is a reason why our hands are so important: Even though the hands are very important, they can carry germs that can spread to other parts of the body very quickly. Why not use your hands to reach or touch the following parts of yourself?

One: Your hands are full of germs. People shouldn't put them in their ears. An itchy ear could be caused by wax buildup or even an infection. This is why it is better to see a doctor if these symptoms don't go away.

2) Your face: Most people can't do without touching their face. This is the second thing. We touch the face almost every hour. There is a good chance that bacteria from your finger will spread to your face, though. To wash your face or apply skincare, it's best to use your hands instead of a sponge or cloth.

3) The butt: It's not OK to put your fingers there, even if you wash your anus. This is because your anus has bacteria that can be bad. After touching your butt, you should wash your hands very well.

4. It's important to take care of your eyes because they are another part of your body. When you touch or rub your eyes with your hands, you can easily spread bacteria to them, which can cause infections.

5. The fifth thing you do is put your finger in your mouth. A lot of people do this all the time. However, this is very bad because it can spread germs from the finger to the mouth.

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