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Another black-owned sneaker brand, but people are not liking as they say it copied Drip.

Sehoana Lekau has become one of the most successful businessmen in the country right now, with his brand slowly passing up Bathu which is another shoe brand that is owned by a South African. The market for sneaker brands is rapidly growing in the country and some might argue that there are a lot of things that are being forgotten by many of these new brands as they coming up, and one of those things is originality and innovation.

I'm sure we can all agree that there are some sneaker brands out there that resemble other popular sneaker brands when it comes to design and sometimes even the Logo as well.

Well, recently there has been a sneaker that has just been released and the sneaker has been getting a lot of hate from fans and it is being accused of stealing designs from Drip and what is worse is the fact that the name of the sneaker is Gripped, which sounds the same as Drip with a change in only the first letter of the word Gripped from "D" to "G" and the last few words.

Are people right about this brand stealing designs from Drip? Well, yes there is no doubt about that as the sneaker looks almost just like Drip with only a few minor changes here and there to make it look original. Well, it seems that people lack the ideas to create their brands so they opt for the easy way out which is making other people's ideas and passing them as their own.

I guess it's about time we spoke about this, as it seems that innovation is lacking in the people who want to get into the world of sneaker making because the sneaker industry will not gain from this it will only lose and that's all because of lack of originality and innovative minds.

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