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Statement earrings are the new make up.

Earrings are said to be one of the most ancient forms of body modification, which featured in Ancient Greek frescoes to tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. Get ready to channel your inner royalty. Now, I’ll admit that I wasn’t always pro-jewelry. But I’m finally ready to participate. Why you ask? Modern-day statement jewelry is big, bold and full of elements from previous decades. It would be fair to say that jewelers have reached a new level of artistry.

Statement earrings invite attention from others by demonstrating unique and innovative designs. They could compliment your bone structure or reveal your personality. But here’s the rule of the game; “statement earrings and statement necklaces each deserve their own moment, I never wear the two together it looks overdone “ Ashley Madekwe.

Put on a pair of statement earrings and you’re all dressed up for your selfie. Before the minimalist approach that many of us have recently adopted. Jewelry was excessively piled on with a full face of makeup and one ends up looking like a drag queen. Thanks to the evolution of fashion, what’s old is new again and we’re all striving for an effortless “no makeup make up” look.

From dripping rhinestones to collision earrings and high hoops. I’m currently obsessed with the imperfect hoop from couture designer Jacquemus. I do own a humble collection of statement earrings from the fix, forever new and H&M. I am yet to try Lovisa.

Ladies, you don't have to match your earrings with your makeup. With statement earrings, keep your outfit simple and let the hoop speak for itself.

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