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Splendid Traditional Dresses For Ladies With Style

Traditional dress or costume is a phrase used widely both by the general public and writers. It conjures up images of rural people dressed in colorful, layered, exotic clothing from an idealised past in some faraway place. This notion of traditional dress has been scrutinised and found inadequate by many researchers and scholars, but its uncritical use continues into the twenty-first century. 

The traditional clothes basically represent culture and identity. To hold on to the traditions and to keep following them is very necessary to keep them as part of our everyday lifestyle. If we will not promote our traditional clothing then nobody else will. It basically represents our national identity, culture, and traditions. So, it’s really important to keep in consideration that our identity is represented by the clothes we wear. There is no need to ask people to which country they belong because their national uniform gives the answer.

By donning traditional clothing, we can express our humility and our interest in preserving and understanding the ways of the past. Wearing these garments helps us show our affinity for the local and indigenous people, and they allow both parties to collectively understand that our similarities outweigh our differences.

Recently, the traditional attires are being used in wedding, fancy competition, birthday party, and other merry-making occasions. Keep the clothes in the wardrobe and use whenever the suitable time comes for you.

I personally believe that we should keep a balance in all things and hence, it is inappropriate for one to completely set aside their traditional clothes and become a follower of western trend, or vice versa. We can still follow western trends but should not shy away from our traditional clothes. This way we will be following new trends, yet promoting our culture and be very much attached to our roots.

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