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Why Is G-Shock Watches So Expensive?

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Are Casio G-Shock Watches Worth the Price?

People pay a pretty penny for a Casio G-Shock, but is it worth the price? Below, we list a few of the features that make these watches so pricey.

Are G-Shock Watches Durable?

These G-Shock watches, as you may know, are quite resilient. The company’s mission is to “make a watch that never breaks.”

As a result, the company makes them with the highest endurance level conceivable. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the cheapest DW-5600 survived being run over by a car and continued to work usually.

As a result, they’re dubbed “the Toughest Watches of All Time.” Electric shock, gravity, vibration, and extreme cold are all resistant to these items. You may scuba dive to depths of up to 200 meters with a G-Shock (660 feet).

What Materials Do They Use to Make G-Shock Watches?

When it comes to the material, they were previously mostly constructed of plastic, which resulted in a low cost. However, the business has recently decided to make this watch out of titanium.

Titanium is a breakthrough in complete metal technology that keeps the lightness of plastic. It also has a scratch-resistant DLC coating on the outside. Furthermore, all of the watches include a pricey sapphire glass that is both scratch-resistant and shiny.


To gratify customers, G-Shock products are continually built with cutting-edge technology. Some versions are compatible with smartphone features and applications in addition to core functionality.

You may use them to control your phone’s music player, receive email notifications, locate your phone, and set up social media alerts, among other things.

Solar energy is another notable element of this device, which is provided through solar panels on the watch’s face. This function makes it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The battery is also charged automatically and does not require turning on.

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