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Skin Care

3 Steps to Remove Blackheads


Do this once or twice a week. Heat gently softens the pores. They won't open and close like a trap door, as we have been conditioned to think, but steam or a hot towel does loosen stubborn dried sebum and grime from the pores and make them malleable for the next step.


You don't want to scrub too hard in that washcloth oil cleansing step, because this is where you apply a chemical exfoliant to help dissolve dead skin, which will prevent new blackheads from forming and also dissolve the stubborn sebum. Find a gentle exfoliant with fruit enzymes or BHAs gently dissolve impurities and encourage the skin to regenerate for a vibrant glow.


After thoroughly rinsing off your favourite chemical exfoliant and gently patting your face dry, use a gentle yet effective clay mask to do an extra little cleanup. No need to clay mask the entire face post exfoliation - if blackheads are the issue, stick to those areas.

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