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COMPARISON: 90s lifestyle is compared to ama2000

There is a huge difference between their lifestyles as time goes by, and the 90s people compared to ama2000. So many things have changed, from music to clothing, and they will not only be consistent with a certain standard of a lifestyle.

The generation before Ama200 had their own lifestyle, which was popular and current at the time, just like the current generation has their own lifestyle trend. Hairstyles are one of the things that differentiate every generation as they go by.


It looks funny coming from the current generation because of what the previous generations were doing with their lifestyles. But the truth remains as it is. In light of the previous generations, it was trending and also cool for them, which the other following generations saw as different.

It is the reality of life that one cannot stay in one culture or lifestyle and it has to change with time. Even with the current generation, it will also be the same thing with the 2050s generation. At the moment, there is a similarity with things from the previous generations.


The inspiration for its making connects with the previous generations, and it is only done in a different way that it is seen as current and fashionable. You can take a moment to consider what was popular in the past and how it has evolved to the present invention times.

Comments in relation to the comparison:

1. MoAfrika: The first picture frame. They used to call it "pages." Jan Van Potgieter's response: They came a long in their life. Which makes sense, and it is something that should not be seen as laughable at the moment.


2. Bohlale: It is South Africa versus the United States of America.

3. Phindile: According to her, the first frame is traumatic and then Jan Van Potgieter responds with a laughing emoji.

4. Thabo: The pages were not costing any money to do the waves, and that is the whole truth. With the current lifestyle, you have to buy the materials to maintain the current one.

Your thoughts?

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