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Skin Care

Six Things You Do Every day That You Do Not Can Cause Wrinkles

Some seemingly innocuous everyday activities may have negative long-term impacts on our skin, despite their apparent innocuity. Examples include eating red meat frequently, skipping sunscreen when you're indoors, and having pigmentation and older-looking skin after a long period of time without sun exposure.

On the other hand, here are six daily practices that could cause wrinkles:

1) Chewing gum is a good example of this.

Patients who chew gum excessively, according to some cosmetic surgeons, develop wrinkles around their mouths as a result of the habit. Because of the repetitive activity of eating, the skin around the mouth begins to fold and eventually develops wrinkles.

2) Spending too much time staring at your smartphone

Looking down at your smartphone for an extended period of time can result in permanent wrinkles around your chin and neck area. Neck pain can develop as a result of repeated movement over an extended period of time in the neck.

The persistent downward stare generated by the usage of a smartphone may be causing some people to develop more lines and creases on their neck than would otherwise be the case naturally. Even if your face retains its youthful volume, symptoms of aging around the neck might be a dead giveaway that you are becoming older.

3) Taking a sip through a straw

Although it may seem benign, drinking beverages with a straw on a regular basis can cause wrinkles to grow around your mouth. When you make this recurrent muscular activity around your lips, the collagen in your skin breaks down, leaving permanent creases in your skin.

4) Sleeping on your left or right side

Your skin may fold up and produce vertical wrinkles if you sleep on your side or stomach because your face is squeezed against your pillow when you sleep on your side or stomach. Because we spend the majority of our time sleeping, these "sleep lines" are reinforced and etched into our skin over time, much like the folds in a pair of leather shoes.

5) Using a sleep mask while sleeping

Another possibility is that the fabric of your sleep mask is responsible for another prominent crease around your eyes when you wake up. In addition to creating friction on your skin, synthetic fibers also drag the delicate cells on your face, resulting in the formation of wrinkles and creases.

6) Taking a jog

Running causes wrinkles in many people for reasons other than running. Many runners spend long hours outside without adequate sun protection, resulting in wrinkles as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun. Runners have also shed a significant amount of weight, which has resulted in wrinkles in the skin that was previously loaded with fat.

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