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Most Expensive Shoes In South Africa

It is very weird that there are expensive shoes in the world,I always ask myself what is the point of wearing expensive shoes really? I just do not get it at all. I am about to share the most expensive shoes in South Africa and to me they don't even look expensive.

I have no idea why these shoes are this expensive,I still don't get it,but apparently they are made of pure everything, everything is of original and real and apparently they are comfortable.

These shoes may not be your style,but there are some people who find them comfortable and attractive. Some people actually wear them and they love them. Yes they are very expensive,but according to some people,it is not about being expensive,it's about the quality and being comfortable when walking. Some people actually prefer sneakers than any other shoes,and I guess that these sneakers are very comfortable.

Thank you,would you buy yourself a pair of shoes like these?

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