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Summer Body, The Ultimate Rear Back Workout For A Thin Waist And Tight Buns

The human body is a well oiled machine that runs best when it is well maintained, you need to workout atleast three times a week. Summer is fast approaching and from my experience in the Lazy streets of Tzaneen, Women are always looking their best around this time. Everyone is stressing on what they are going to wear and if it will look fashionable on them, the trends are starting to come out. It's time to hit the gym and work on that 30cm waist that you want to show off during the festive season. If you have a gym around you, sign up because the equipment will be of great help. Just do not use any pills because you can do it the natural way, the aim is not to get temporary results but to get permanent ones. Here is a workout routine that might work well for you, if it doesn't you can tweek it a bit Before we do anything we are going to stretch for 10 full minutes, this is to prepare our bodies for the journey ahead. Bring out that 10 kG dumbell that you can hold with two hands while you squat. The squats are there to help shape your backside while Trimming and growing your Thighs at the same time, you also reduce the fat around your stomach. We have just killed three birds with one stone. The dumbell is to add extra burn so that you can also reduce the amount of meat under your shoulders as well. Start with sets of 50 that you perform 20,20,10.Once you are comfortable with fifty do a hundred in sets of 50.Your lower boy and mid section will start to look like a dream when you can do 100 in sets of fifty. The aim is to work on the mid section, so no heavy workouts. Bring out the yoga mat and start to do sit ups, do 50 in sets of 10 because I doubt you can do twenty straight of the mat. Once you become comfortable with 50. Do 50 in sets of 25.Once you climb thus mountain you are close to achieving your ultimate goal. Repeat this schedule until you achieve your ultimate summer Body, I predict that it will take a little under 2 months. Then you can start doing 20 power Jack's and 20 sit ups a day in the morning. That will be enough to sustain your shape from there on. Let's build that ultimate summer body.

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