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Unknown skin disease standing in my way of life

-It's 2016 and I'm arriving home from school having had an unknown itchy skin caused by the African Blazing sun.Didn't get worried though maybe it was just a itching skin.Days and months went by whilst my skin worsened more and more especially when eating canned fish.Had to then learn to adapt to my horrible skin condition and try finish school.


After school I was happy with the fact I was able to hold on and finish school eventhough this itchy skin gave me problems.Fast forward to the summer of 2019 my itching skin went bizarre that it would itch so uncontrollably.So itchy that I couldn't go outside during the day only could go out at night when there was no heat of the sun.I'd laugh,Cry or get frightened and my skin would be very itchy uncontrollably all my body.It was so itchy that I would stay indoors during the day to avoid the heat of the sun and only came out at night when it was much chilled.Sometimes when sleeping in the middle of the night I would get woken up by this itchiness.


-With too much heat I was experiencing during the summer I had to find a way to cool myself down.That's when I began using my face cloth and made it to be wet with tap water and place it on my body so I could cool myself down.It worked but it wasn't enough to stop the itching.The side effects of using a wet face cloth was that it made my skin dry and dry skin was very bad for my condition cause it made my skin much more itchy.


-In December 2019 there was once a day that was very cold and rainy this gave me a chance to go see a professional medical doctor.Was so happy that finally I'm going to be able to get some help.The doctor was quite nice and asked me some few questions and gave pills and portions afterwards.From that moment I was much sure that these medications would make the itching stop.Days and weeks went by whilst I was using the meds but there was no difference.Never felt so disappointed in my life and lost hope.


-In Mid-Year of 2020 it was the lockdown due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and the government implemented citizens to avoid outdoors.This gave me the opportunity to do a proper research about this condition.And so I did and found out I was suffering from a skin disease called "Cholinergic urticaria"


-Cholinergic Urticaria is a skin disease whereby the skin gets itchy when the body temper is high.The cause of the high body temperature can be caused by emotions,the sun or spicy food.This then made me join a group on social media with people suffering from the same condition.I then found more info and along with very supportive messages.The disease didn't have any cure it required me to do sweat therapy as treatment.Sweat therapy is doing something that enables you to sweat such as steaming and exercising. I began to do Jogging and exercise eventhough it was very tough at first start with too much itchiness to handle.But I pushed throughout until i was sweating and after sweating i wouldn't feel much itch on my body up until now. 

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