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Is it Right For A Woman to Dress Like This: Mzansi Reacts To Picture of Popular SA / Opinion

We are in the 21st century and in this day and age its amazing that there are people who still judge women for the way they dress.Nowdays women are allowed to dresss in whatever they feel like .From shorts , short dresses and basically anything they feel good in .

A post by a popular south African Dj has left many people with unnecessary opinions .She was dressed in shorts and many people felt that it was inappropriate for her to do so .See the picture below.

Many people felt that with the way she is structured she shouldn't be wearing them . First of all Where do people get the nerve to comment about another person should be and not wearing.People must take their nose out of other people's business .If she feels comfortable in them who are we to judge.

Many people have let social media fool them into thinking they must always have opinions over other people's lives .No its not like that, the only person you can tell what to wear or not to wear is yourself only .You dont have a right to dictate other people's lives like that.

Dj Lamiez has told people over and over again that she is very comfortable in her own skin and people should stop telling her how to dress.she also advised those that dont like seeing her to unfollow her .

Can we please stop with the comments about women and how they should dress its not right .Everyone has a right to dress the way they like .

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