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Meet the Mites that live on your face and come out when you sleep.

This might just creep you out but you most certainly have these tiny mites living in the pores of your face skin right this moment.

These mites are known as Demodex or eyelesh mites and every adult human alive has a population living in their skin.

The mites are too tiny to be seen with the naked eye you need a microscope to be able to see them Demodex face mites got their name from the Greek word for Fat and Boring Worm, they are not really Worms they are actually Archnids which are related to spiders and ticks.

These mites live on the greasy part of your face like your chin, nose, cheeks and eyelids that's where you will find them in concentration.

They eat the sebum which is the greasy oil in your skin.

These mites live for about two weeks at a time and they spent most of their time, well most of your time actually asleep during the day and they come out to meat and head back to lay their eggs.

Since these mites live inside your pores you can't wash or scrub them off your face with the most strong or powerful cleansers.

Not to worry though as they are completely harmless to your health , our immune system is able to keep their numbers in check.

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