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Skin Care

Famous Celebrity Warning People About Skin Bleaching.

A famous celebrity Khanyi Mbau has took it to Instagram to warn wonen about the disadvantage coming with bleaching their skin. She started the new page where she talk all about bad result of skin bleaching. She warns women to love their skin colour as it is, because changing a colour of your skin have bad result in your skin and health. She started this in social media using her Instagram page, and she call this page the Art of skin Lightening.

She made clear that she is not a skin doctor or a professional in skin health but she warn women because she have experience. We all know that she use to use this things and people has been talking about her changing her skin. She said she learned in a hard way that it not good for health and skin. She said this cream of skin Lightening use to turn to be your enemy.

We use to see this in people who use these cream their hands turn to be black while arms are light. If you have seen someone who is using cream they body part are not the same colour, when you are in the sun your skin turn red which is proven to be dangerous in your skin.

If you notice that when your skin exposed in the sun it's turn pink or red it's time for you to quit the product. This actress has been gashed so many times on social media about her skin. Warning women she said you better live with your skin no matter what you're beautiful there's no need to change.

She continued said Skin Doctors always talking about the problems they are facing everyday, since people like to change their skin. She most of these cream they don't want to be exposed bin the sun because they damage the skin.

All in all bleaching your skin is not good you're beautiful with your skin colour, there's no need to change. Come as you are, black is a king.

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