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Jaw-dropping jumpsuits for women with good taste in fashion

A jumpsuit is a garment incorporating trousers and a sleeved top in one piece, worn as a fashion item, protective garment, or uniform.

The jumpsuit was first created in 1919 to be worn by parachuters who were, literally, jumping out of planes. Hence, the name jumpsuit. These suits were a popular look with people frequenting the disco scene.

They are comfortable. It's easy to move in them. One of the inconveniences about dresses is you truly have to worry about "flashing" people when you sit down. Jumpsuits are certainly easier to wear. You can style them easily to change their looks and transition them from season to season. They are roomy and generally flattering on most women. Whether you are slim or plus size, jumpsuits look good on everyone!

You save a good 20 minutes in the morning getting ready for work. It’s one piece. There’s no hemming and hawing over what to wear, because all you do is step into it, zip/tie it and go.

The formal jumpsuit is such an unexpected silhouette at an event like a wedding or, in the case of celebrities like Bonang Matheba, a red carpet. It looks chic and effortless. Leave the frilly dress behind and try a jumpsuit. Cropped ones mean you can wear some killer heels.

Whether a playsuit for a party, a boilersuit for everyday or culotte-style for the heatwave, the jumpsuit is the must-have outfit right now.

An hourglass body type suggests that your waist is slimmer and your hips and chest are wider, making you a perfect candidate for wearing a jumpsuit. Show off your natural figure by wearing a tighter-fitting jumpsuit that accentuates your waistline.

Reasons to Love Jumpsuits

• One & Done. Just like a dress, women's jumpsuits can be one of the easiest outfits in your wardrobe! ..

• Provides Added Coverage. ..

• Comfortable Yet Chic. ..

• Great In-Between Piece. ..

• Versatile.

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