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Mzansi cannot believe the price of these crocs

(Source: - @Karabo_Mokgoko)

There are shoes that you might feel don't deserve to be costly. It's even worse when they're worn by different people, which means they can be easily bought since its made available to the public. Also, people spend thousands of rands on shoes that don't even suit the price tag. Usually, Crocs depending on where you buy them, if you look properly they can cost less than R150. At the end of the day you can spend as much as you want, as long you're happy with your shoes. Some people don't even worry about the price of their shoes, as long as they want them. Shoes are meant to be comfortable as our feet need to move without any fear on the ground. 

An influencer on Twitter has posted rejuvenated crocs that are sold online at a price of R549.95. They're regarded as Classic Out of this World II Clog and Classic Vacay Vibe Clog. All she wanted was help in picking the right ones which will look great on her. Unfortunately, the conversation ended up being about the price of the crocs which was rather pricey than what many people are used to nowadays. "Please help me pick new Crocs, clouds or flamingos," said @Karabo_Mokgoko on her official Twitter account.

The Twitter community quickly shared their opinions on the crocs and even couldn't help Karabo choose her new shoes. The major issue was around the price and even the design of the shoes. Since some people didn't like the whole design of the crocs. Meanwhile, other tweeps stated that they've gotten the shoe way cheaper than what Karabo is willing to pay at the moment. 

@itstulu said, "Why this R549.50 though? Powesale sells these for R45."

@nduvhoo94 said, "But why are people buying these for R550? Mxm drama."

@portiamthomben5 said, "The Fix ke R150. They are even warm."

@BlaqDown said, "I've never seen crocs so expensive in my 30 years of living, this is a milestone."

@mandymkhize3 said, "Just buy your expensive plastic and move on. But ke the attention from TL saying 'they're so expensive' seems to give these people some sort of comfort or validation I guess... must we know you're about to purchase expensive crocs?"

Meanwhile, another tweep made fun of crocs as she felt that the way they're so pricey they do a lot for your feet.

@ThandoMolepo said, "These ones control your legs. They change your movement. You'll walk like you walk on water."

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Date: 04/05/2021

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