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Check out some of the best Ankara dress for every occasion.

Africa is the world's second-large content in the world and has the most population after Asia.

Countries like China and the USA love to come to Africa to invest since we are rich in minerals such as gold, diamond, oils, copper, platinum, and many more, the sad thing about Africa is that even if it's rich in minerals its people continue to starve from hunger.

People from outside the continent come and control our mines and factories take everything and then come back and sell it back to us 10 times.

Since people are suffering while others are getting rich (Zamazama) an isiZulu phrase meaning “we are trying” is taking a risk by doing their illegal mining.

While all miners are subjected to exploitative and precarious working conditions, they face danger, murder, Because they have to go underground and stay there for months illegally.

Africa still has something good to be proud of, Our fashion sense, Ankara is commonly known in West Africa but originating in Indonesia, it has gained identity first in Ghana and then reaching other African countries.

It is produced from 100% cotton, it can be worn together with traditional shoes made with strings to give it that African look, adding an African necklace made from natural beads bones, and wood.

When it comes to makeup don't overdo it because you wouldn't want it to overpower your outfit.

Ankara has since become Africa’s trademark, fashion designers are using the material to make beautiful dresses for women and man suits, so if you have an important occasion to attend to no need to worry.

Ankara is clothes that can be worn at weddings, tombstone opening, graduation, funeral, church, child dedication, etc.

The fabric comes in beautiful and different colors and textures you can get it in lace or cloth. I have shared some designs made by different people.

With this design, you will surely represent and make a statement.

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