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Most beautiful model on the Planet.

Meet the darkest model on the Planet, Nyakim. Nyakim Gatwech. She is so unique and different.

She is from Ethiopia but of South Sudanese decent.The most beautiful African model with RICH MELANIN on the planet. Definitely from South Sudan, so dark, so beautiful and refined, toned God looks at her and says look at my masterpiece, made in my own image. We need to start thinking like God.

I think that we should embrace ourselves as black people and be proud of ourselves as God has created as so beautifully and so rich in so many ways. I think that truly black is beautiful, we are so diverse, so unique and rich in diversity. Africa is full of beautiful, black and powerful people. I just think that we should embrace her and celebrate more as we are a beautiful nation.

Here's is what a few people had to say about her on Tweeter:

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