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7 Things We Use Every day But Do Not Know Their Actual Purposes

Most of the items and things we use today come with other add-ons or benefits that most of us know absolutely nothing about. In most cases, people have the wrong idea about the purposes of these things. For example, you walk into a public restroom and wonder why your legs are visible from the outside.

All of this has important purposes, though often overlooked, because they were not taught to us in the classroom. These are made available to increase comfort, improve user experience and make life much easier. Below are some things we see every day that most of us have no idea what their true purpose is.

1) The strap on the shoulder of your jackets and shirts.

The original purpose of these straps is obsolete and today most of us see it as an extra design added to make your shirt look more stylish. This is far from the truth, these straps look very trendy and add extra style to your outfit but the main purpose of the straps is to hold your bag and prevent it from falling when you hang it on your shoulder.

2) Margins drawn on the edges of a notebook.

Some of us think that these margins are used to make our writing look neater and less clumped. This idea works, but the main goal is to keep your writing in the middle of the book to prevent rodents from destroying valuable information when they eat from the side.

3) Silica gel

Many of our new shoes, bags, and sometimes electronics come with silica gel bags, and most of us don't know their true purpose. This product is placed inside your shoes and bags to keep them dry and away from moisture that can damage the product while it is still on the market.

Instead of throwing these silica gel bags in the trash, you can still use them to keep moisture out of your shoes and reduce the formation of bad odors.

4) Cup recesses

Some mugs have indentations on the bottom. This is not made to look good, but rather makes it easy for the water to drain easily after washing. Therefore, after washing the mug, the indentation will make it easier for the water to drain when you hold the mug upside down.

5) The arrow that appears next to the petrol symbol on the car.

Most of us can ignore this sign, but it can be very useful when driving a car that doesn't belong to you. If you are not sure which side the tank cap is on when you want to buy fuel from the gas station, the direction of this arrow indicates the location of the tank cap.

6) The hole in the middle of a soda can.

Normally, aluminum may have a tab on the top that is used to open. However, there is an additional purpose. This hole acts as a straw holder. You may have noticed that sometimes when you use a straw to take your drink, the straw goes in and out, but if you put it through this hole, it will restrict its movement and keep it still.

7) Underwear pocket

As a lady, you might think that the small pocket under your underwear is just a design. This little pocket is called a "flag" and has a real purpose. Most often, women's underwear is made of synthetic materials such as lace. This lace material is beautiful, but does not allow the smooth passage of air and therefore increases bacterial growth. To prevent this formation, a small underwear pocket made of pure cotton is placed at the bottom to improve ventilation and reduce moisture and bacteria growth.

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