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Take a look at some of the hottest street fashion looks by Trey Songz and Jason Derulo

Hip hop has always been more then just about the music it is the entire culture wich makes hip hop so loved around the world, the west has always dominated in music as some of the biggest names in the music industry come from the street fashion has been apart of the hip hop culture since the late 80s, hip hop is where most youth get their looks from.

Street fashion brings in billions of dollars into the fashion industry as it is the most popular look among the youth across the world, popular clothing brands are always looking for new fashion looks to keep the youth excited and then there are new brands that come in each year to get their piece of the large pie which is called street fashion.

Today we pit together some of the biggest names in hip hop that have millions of followers on social media who they have locked on through their street fashion looks and music, Jason Derulo and Trey Songz have had many hits over the years with their music taking them to the far reaches of the world.

Trey Songz is a pioneer in the music industry and his music has taken him on tours around the world on many occasions, mr. Steal your girl is also one of the best dressed men in the hip hop industry as his street fashion looks are always on point and he rarely disappoints when it comes to fashion.

Not only can Jason Derulo sing and dance but he can also dress, Jason Derulo is known for his slick fashion looks in his music videos and his street fashion is always on point, Jason Derulo knows how to dress and his music is not the only thing that trends on social media.

Here are some of the hottest looks from Trey Songz and Jason Derulo, you as the viewer can decide who knows their way around street fashion by dropping a comment in the comments section and by clicking on the like button.

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