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Skin Care

The best ways to firm sagging skin.

As soon as women cross 40, their day begins with its maximum point in the mirror, just to verify if there has been a new wrinkle from the previous night. 

The crease, sleeping skin and ugly age spots are among the first signs in which they are old. It is still possible to cover wrinkles and spots of age with the correct makeup, but it can be a difficult task, the same for the limp skin, since the problem resides in depth. 

This short article analyzes some simple and natural regimes to absorb sleepy skin and restore a juvenile charism. What makes the skin loot? It is a matter of age. The age reduces a series of physical functions and this includes a repair and cell regeneration. 

Collage and elastin are the two important structural proteins. Together they are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin. With the age there is a bathroom in the production of these two proteins, and therefore your skin is no longer firm and flexible. It also loses his ability to hold back moisture and relies on an aspect, dry and apathetic. 

Making the problem worse is the loss of muscle mass and bone density in old age. The bones and muscles shrink automatically to give nothing, chubby or concrete to sign up. 

Good lifestyle habits to sign the skin. 

1. It's important to wash your face every morning when you get up. While rested at night at night, his whole body continues working. That's why everything looks grease when she wakes up in the morning. It is not a good idea to build a greasy and impure face.

 2. A night cleansing is also a must to leave the construction of dirt and makeup all day.

 3. If you want to prevent your skin to be limber, you must protect it from UV damage. Be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning before leaving. 

4. To promote cellular repair and rejuvenation, you must first slide dead skin cells. For this, you must remove the skin at least once a week or more depending on your skin type. You can use natural exfoliators ready to use ingredients to create their own peeling. 

5. After each cleaning routine, you have to hydrogenate the skin. Depending on the skin type, select a moisturizer.

 Let the moisturizer be well absorbed before you can use a make-up. 

6. Women intensifying the collagen structure should eat a delicate diet.

 Its diet should include vitamin A, C, B3, E and K and minerals, namely zinc, potassium and calcium, as they contribute to the reconstruction and reinforcement of collagen fibers. 

Reduce the intake of the processed sugar because the connective tissue causes the connective tissue to decay.

7. Drink a lot of water is the best tip if you want to prevent skin failure and collapse. You must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water is advantageous because it rinses the toxins and keeps the cells hydrated.

 8. Finally, you can combine diet with firming creams to get the best benefits. Most topical applications contain moisturizing agents and antioxidants. 

Retinol or vitamin A is a main ingredient in anti-aging creams. They build the natural capacity of modes, collagen and elastin.

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