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'See The Power Of Makeup: Is Makeup In To Do Us Good Or Bad?

The'make-up revolution' appears to be a blessing in disguise for many women, but a source of consternation for the majority of males.

In the case of degrading, mistreated, or bullied women, we have various alternatives for a transformation that will cause our adversaries to bend when we are seen, one of which is make-up, which we may utilize to our advantage.

Although cosmetics is intended to draw attention to the attractiveness of the majority of women, it may radically alter the appearance of others, as shown in the images below.

Our elders were correct in informing us that not everything that glitters is gold.

Powder and lotions were all that was needed to remove years off her face.

Is it better to wear cosmetics for good or for evil reasons?

Thanks to cosmetics, a woman might have the face of a dream for a guy.

Makeup has a lot of power.

What do you think should happen first: before or after?

If you have never seen her without makeup on before, do not marry her.

This is the world in which we live today, when beauty is defined by the quantity of cosmetics we apply to our faces. Our own beauty pageants are not exempt from this rule. They implicitly advocate for the increased use of cosmetics, and while makeup may significantly enhance our appearances, the same cannot be said for those of us who appear to be entirely different from who we truly are. Stay true to yourself, and stay beautiful!

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The Power Of Makeup


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